Are you established in your career and looking for an opportunity to give back to the community by inspiring and guiding young minds? If so, Boston Education and Counseling’s Career Mentorship program is seeking motivated mentors that will influence and shape the future of the youth.

The goal of the career mentorship program is to support and empower college and graduate students by connecting them with professionals. Through mentorship, the program aims to motivate students for higher academic achievement and personal success and to provide them a wide perspective on future job and career opportunities. 

We expect mentors and mentees to connect regularly either remotely or in person, while the structure and schedule of the communication highly depend on their commitments. Recommended schedule is 30 minute touchpoints consisting of 12-24 sessions. Depending on expectations and/or bandwidth of the mentors and mentees, the engagement can be at a shorter or longer time window with less or more regular check-ins. The topics covered during these sessions are based on mentee’s needs. They can span a wide range of topics such as resume preparation, choosing a major and time management. Attached forms will help us understand your expectations, so that we can provide the best match between mentors and mentees. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Mentor Application
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